New Wave Time Trippers

Alternative 80s Music & Multimedia Dance Party

A wildly talented cover-band was sucked into a time-tunnel during a gig. They have been traveling through space-time for three decades. But to the band, it’s only been three months.

At a small venue in San Bernardino, California in 1985, The New Wave Time Trippers mysteriously disappeared into a time tunnel.

Fascination with the band's promising career and disappearance fueled one of the most enduring legacies in music history. Where did they go? When will they return?
In recent years, many sightings of the band have been reported. From corporate events, to high-profile weddings and concert venues, The New Wave Time Trippers appear to be emerging from the soup of spacetime to "rock the casbah" with new wave favorites and near-lost alternative gems.
As a side-effect of their time-tunneling, the band's songs are often jumbled into mash-ups with other musical genres, and mysteriously synced to the original MTV music videos, resulting in a totally immersive, interactive tour de force of all the hits you love to remember, and a few that you'll hate you forgot.
From Depeche Mode and Flock of Seagulls, to The Killers and Lady Gaga, The New Wave Time Trippers thunder out non-stop danceable hits, peppered with vintage TV ads and favorite movie excerpts.