New Wave Time Trippers

Alternative 80s Music & Multimedia Dance Party

A wildly talented cover-band was sucked into a time-tunnel during a gig. They have been traveling through space-time for three decades. But to the band, it’s only been three months.

Time traveling from the year 1985, the New Wave Time Trippers accidentally teleported to our current time, whipping today's crowds into frenzies with their one-of-a-kind mash-ups and live interactive music videos. Critically praised and vaunted by alternative rock legends from John Oates to Johnny Rotten, The New Wave Time Trippers excel at spellbinding the masses. With a distinctive mix of new wave, post punk, today's hits, and pure thermonuclear badasstitude, the New Wave Time Trippers blaze seamlessly from Bowie to Bono to Bruno Mars and back again… all before you can say, "bitchin'!"

Convinced they are a rock-and-roll set from the past, the band members rarely break character... ensorcelling crowds with a stock of dance songs that are at once obscure and recognizable – and which are played to near perfection.
— Tristan Scott, The Missoulian
NO ONE is playing 80’s music the way they are.
— Nicky Ouellet, PRX